PP Mat

Measurement: 305mm*305mm*14.5mm
Weight: 470g (±10g)
Lifetime: 10-15 Years
Materials: Modified PP
Certificates: CE/ROHS/SGS
Product Detail

Elastic Mat tile is designed and developed for professional outdoor sport court applications. Patented elastic cushions bring good shock absorption and top ball

rebounding to athletes. Texture surface treatment provides better slip-resistance performance. And the surface is non-reflectiveness, no-dazzling, can protect the players’ eyes. Patented lock system design avoids deforming and cracking over expansion and contraction caused by temperature. It’s can be used to indoor multi-use court.

Elastic Mat

Key Benefits

>Anti-slip Surface

Professional Elastic Cushions for Rebounding

>Exceptional Durability

>Easy to Maintain

>Portable or permanent

>Custom logos and graphics available

Recommended Applications



>Multi-Sport Game Court



>Multi-Sport Game Court

>Hockey Court

Surface Texture Treatment

High-density surface texture treatment creates non-reflectiveness, non-dazzling functions to protect athletes’ eyes under soft color.Meanwhile, greatly improved friction creates significant anti-skid effect.

8 sets of elastic arms and elastic pillars prevent arching or cracking caused by temperature changes, and ensure the floor expands and contracts at a 1mm gap.

Thermal Expansion And Contraction System

Skeleton Supportive System

81 supportive columns and 48 reinforced keels provide better weight support and make the floor firmer.

50 evenly distributed high-performance supportive elastic cushions meet high-intensity sports requirements, and ensure the ball rebound performance in each position is consistent. Meanwhile, it can reasonably balance the performance between shock absorption and ball rebound in order to protect the athletes’ joints.

Shock Absorption System
Develop superior sports flooring so that people are more willing to exercise on it.
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